Preventative Maintenance


What is preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a systematic process to prevent failure of equipment and facilities. It is carried out by personnel trained in low level maintenance. The service includes, inspection, detection, correction, cleaning, and parts replacement to prevent faults from occurring. In the case of Capital we cover hardware and physical maintenance. Here are some examples in our gallery.

What can be included as part of the service? (Examples)

  • Air conditioning unit cleaning/replacement
  • Filter replacement
  • Ceiling cleaning
  • Server blade cleaning
  • Inspecting cooling systems
  • Any type of printer (e.g. zebra printers)
  • Plant room cleaning
  • Boiler rooms
  • Technical rooms
  • And many more items that fall under preventative maintenance


till cleaning retail computer cleaning

Retail – Till cleaning



Purpose of preventative maintenance?

Preventing failure/Reducing risk factor

The number one purpose of preventative maintenance is to reduce or eliminate the risk of failure. Regular maintenance prevents long periods of neglect from causing problems in the future. An example of this could be dust build-up in air conditioning units, which may need dust removal or part replacement.

Call-out-cost (engineer)

Call out charges for engineers can be a costly burden to businesses. Certain retail stores are charged £1000 per call-out charge for tills that have failed due to dust contamination. A 6 monthly clean can significantly reduce the risk for a call-out and is usually a tenth of the charge.

Money saving (protecting assets)

Your employees and equipment are the most valuable assets to your company. Air conditioning units need regular cleaning in order to keep staff comfortable and provide data centres with the optimum performance temperature. Malfunctioning air con units can spread viruses and cause server/data centre down-time. Such failures can contribute negatively on productivity and budget. Make sure you are saving money and not wasting it.

Flickr - Erik Söderström - Mescon

Flickr – Erik Söderström – Mescon

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